After a week of work experience, I would like to share my thoughts and experiences of working with iSTORM, so here I am, writing this blog.

I’ll start off by answering the question ‘Was it what I expected?’

This was initially difficult for me to answer because although I had browsed the website, I wasn’t quite sure on what I was getting myself into as they offer a lot of services, and the industry was completely new to me. However, this led me to being more intrigued and interested in what I’d be doing. Prior to my first day of the job, I wasn’t too sure on how appealing a sales desk job sounded to me, but after the first day, working with just a handful of the members of the team, I realised that the office culture at iSTORM had character, great team morale and it made me realise, working in an office job didn’t necessarily mean silence at a desk all day!

Each member of the team had personality that helped make the environment incredibly comfortable, even from day 1, helping me gauge a better idea of what life looked like in an office job, and has certainly shifted my mindset to being more open to it.

Throughout the week, I learnt vast amounts about all aspects of the business, being the technical side of cyber, the process and work that is associated and assigned to sales and gained a firm understanding of the business as a whole, learning the different roles and what they do, as well as looking at how a company like iSTORM manages their finances.

Going into this I had the idea that I would be shadowing employees more than anything, however I was assigned tasks that were relevant to the company, and I feel like my work will be used by the people at iSTORM. This whole process was perfectly suited to myself as an individual because I find I learn significantly faster with practical tasks.

After the entire experience at iSTORM, I can confidently say I am interested in sales and would consider pursuing a career down that road. I believe by having explored the different aspects within the sales world during my experience, I am more knowledgeable, which in turn has made me more confident in my feelings around sales and more determined in my choice of thinking about it as a potential career in the future.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to James and Rich for having me this week and investing the time to show me what iSTORM really does. I have really enjoyed this experience and would seriously consider a role with iSTORM in the future.

Isaac Welford