At our workplaces, we probably hear often about keeping customers and clients, and even employees’ data safe and secure.

Do you ever have the conversation or even think about ‘Your’ own personal data and how to keep it safe?

We live in an ever-growing digital world where we sometimes freely give out data, without thinking of the consequences.  A few examples I can give are:

  • Putting too much information about ourselves on social media- How many of you have full contact details on there? Who has their full date of birth?  Who has their pet’s name or similar? (That you possibly use as a password for your banking or similar).

  • Answering surveys on Facebook, where you give out so much personal information about yourself (again possibly giving out your passwords like your partner’s name, a special place or special date, first child’s name, etc). Do you know who is collecting this data and what will happen with it?

  • The obligatory pint at the Airport as you leave to go on holiday. Pair this with enough information on social media to be able to find your address – and you have just announced your house is empty ….

If you must post about being somewhere, post ‘AFTER’ you get back, not while you are there.

Remember it only takes a few bits of data to create a whole other ‘You’.

Please treat your data carefully and follow the same advice you are given at work.  You wouldn’t want your data falling into the wrong hands.


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Catherine McLean

Senior Data Protection Consultant