Warwickshire County Council, Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe and Warwickshire Police have launched a new survey to assess the impact that online crime is having around the county.

The cybercrime survey – which can be found here: ask.warwickshire.gov.uk/insights-s…/cyber-crime-survey-2019/ – is being run by the Warwickshire InSight Team and asks people to share their experiences of online crime through a series of questions.

The last survey, conducted in 2016/2017, found that:
People in Warwickshire had fallen victim to approximately 15,000 successful phishing scams across the previous 12 month period.
Over 5,500 residents had been a victim of an online romance scam.
9,900 had been victim of identity fraud.
30,000 fell victim to viruses and malware.
An estimated 6,000 online hate crimes had taken place.
Other online fraud and theft offences accounted for a further 21,500 victims.

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Have a great weekend and stay Cyber Safe.



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